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 includes clips from the IDW Classic Film 
Bewitched by a Dolphin
filmed off the British Coast

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Dilo Goes to School at North Ferriby Junior School

Monday 28th – 310th June 2010

DILO GOES TO SCHOOL was to follow the progress of Head Teacher, Ray Woodward, as he sets out to encourage year six pupils, who are about to leave Swanland Primary School, to take an active interest in the arts and prepare them for their move into secondary education. To achieve this Ray organised an Arts Festival with a dolphin theme in a cluster of nearby schools.

Reference was made to Ray’s earlier efforts to activate a greater interest in dolphins and art by getting all of the 450 children in Swanland Primary School to make Plasticine dolphins - see report in IDW Newsletter Dec 2009.

The three days’ events included all the elements of drama, art and music to support the storytelling.  For a SPECIAL EDITION of DILO GOES TO SCHOOL – See July Newsletter on .



Dilo brings joy to children around the world

Dilo x 6

Dilo Children’s books by Horace Dobbs are currently available in English, German, Danish and Czech and have previously been produced in Italian, Welsh, Dutch, Turkish, Chinese and Japanese.

Dilo goes to school sign
Dilo in Czech

Horace Dobbs and Valpurga   Hozáková celebrate Dilo in Czech

Dilo goes to school books

The Dilo books can be purchased online from International Dolphin Watch and


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Dear Dr. Dobbs

I have just finished your book “Dolphin Healing”
and am wallowing in the “sea of magic” I found
myself in whilst reading it. I just have to write to
tell you. Of all your books, this is the one that has
moved me most. It’s beautiful. Thank you.

Joan Robson
Isle of Wight

Dolphin-Healing.jpgDolphin Healing
by Horace Dobbs

Piatkus Books ISBN 0 7499 2079 3
IDW Code B03/1
198 pages. Price £13.00 + p&p.

A poll for BBC Wildlife Magazine revealed that dolphins are our favourite animals world wide. You will understand why when you read Dolphin Healing.

Inspiring and deeply moving, the author takes the reader on a remarkable journey through 26 years of dedicated research with these fascinating, intelligent creatures in the open sea. On the way, quite by chance, he discovers that dolphins can heal us physically and emotionally.

In ancient times they rescued drowning sailors. Now dolphins are helping to save us from the problems of modern living.


The-Magic-o-Dolphins-.jpgThe Magic of Dolphins
By Horace Dobbs

Lutterworth Press ISBN 0 7188 2778 3
IDW Code B03/2
88 pages. Price £10.00 + p&p.

A wonderful introduction to the life of dolphins, their evolution and intelligence. Chapters about famous dolphins. Well illustrated with black & white and colour photographs. Perfect for children and appreciated by adults.


The Dolphin’s Touch
IDW Code V03/1A
PAL - Price £12.50 + p&p
The-Dolphins-Touch.jpgAlso available in NTSC Code V03/1B
(USA format)

When medical research scientist Dr. Horace Dobbs discovered that dolphins can help the clinically depressed he set up a Trial with a friendly wild dolphin off the coast of Ireland. With breathtaking photography above and below the water the film tells the heart warming story of how the lives of three diagnosed clinical depressives are improved by their dolphin encounters. The full story of their experiences and how this led to the creation of a Dolphin Pill is told by Dr. Horace Dobbs in his books Dance to a Dolphin’s Song (Jonathan Cape) and Dolphin Healing (Piatkus Books) both of which are available from the IDW shop


Ride a Wild Dolphin.jpgRide a Wild Dolphin
IDW Code V03/2A
PAL £12.50 + p&p
Also available in NTSC Code V03/2B
(USA format)

The ground breaking film that set the world alight to the uplifting effect of swimming with a free dolphin, Donald, in the open sea. Filmed off the coast of Cornwall in 1976, the remarkable relationship formed between Donald and researcher Dr. Horace Dobbs, was a milestone in the bond between humans and dolphins in which the dolphin who was free to leave any time, decided what would happen next.
The full story of how Donald changed people’s lives is told in Horace Dobbs’ books, Follow a Wild Dolphin and Save the Dolphins (Souvenir Press), which are available on loan from Public Libraries.


Oceania - The Promise of Tomorrow
IDW Code V03/3A
Oceana.jpgPAL - Price £12.00 + p&p
Also available in NTSC Code V03/3B
(USA format)

This visually compelling film, created by one of the pioneers of underwater birthing, takes the viewer back into the past with some extraordinary footage of Pelorus Jack filmed over 100 years ago. Using interviews with leaders in their fields, from Dr. Betsy Smith working with autistic children in Florida, to Igor Charkovsky in Russia, Estelle opens a Pandora’s box of possibilities for the future.
Beautiful images of babies swimming underwater and dolphins coming right into the beach and playing with children at Monkey Mia in Australia leads into Estelle’s vision for the future – Homo delphinus – children born from the waters of the womb into the waters of the world – who bring with them some of the attributes we most admire.

Books will be autographed with dedications,
if requested at the time of ordering.

Dilo Intro.jpg



Dilo is a make believe dolphin whose story unfolds in 5 books illustrated throughout by Rico whose charming paintings and black and white line drawings capture the mischievous and playful character of Dilo the Dolphin.




Dilo Reading.jpg
The Dilo stories are a wonderful way of introducing readers to the undersea world as perceived through the eyes, ears and mind of Dilo, a mischievous dolphin whose life carries him from one adventure to the next



Dilo-Call-of-DeepWeb.jpgDilo and the Call of the Deep
Watch Publishing ISBN 0 9522389 0X. Illustrated throughout by Rico. 112 pages. Paperback. Price £7.50 + p&p.

Dilo’s adventure begins as soon as he is born. He likes to know what is going on. This sometimes gets him into trouble - like when he pokes his nose, or more correctly his beak into a cave that is the home of a lobster.

Dilo and the Call of the Deep has been translated into many languages including Japanese, Dutch, Danish and Welsh. The latest English version with a new cover by Rico, as shown here.

Dilo Makes Friends
Watch Publishing ISBN 0 9522389 7 7
Illustrated throughout by Rico. 144 pages.
Paperback - Price £7.50 + p&p.

The second Dilo story about a young dolphin who continues his adventures when he travels to a large bay where he meets Debra - his first human friend. They become close companions and have many adventures together, including the rescue of Debra’s twin brother, Robin, who is potty about computers. Tension rises when the boat Sea Wolf arrives. Illustrated throughout in black & white.


Dilo-and-The-Treasure-Hunte.jpgDilo and the Treasure Hunters
Watch Publishing ISBN 0 9522389 7 7
Illustrated throughout by Rico. 144 pages.
Paperback - Price £7.50 + p&p.

Dilo and his special friend, Debra, discovers a gold ring and an ancient shipwreck on the seabed. When their secret is discovered they become caught up in a dangerous adventure with a gang of ruthless divers who are crazed with gold fever and use explosives to loot the wreck.
Illustrated throughout in black & white.



Dilo and The Witch of Black Rock.jpgDilo and the Witch of Black Rock
Watch Publishing ISBN 0 9541721 1 6
Illustrated throughout by Rico. 128 pages.
Paperback - Price £7.50 + p&p.

After a magical swim with Dilo the Dolphin, Debra has a terrible nightmare. The wicked Witch of Black Rock casts a spell and turns Dilo into a crow. Debra is relieved when she realises it is only a dream. But evil is afoot. Dilo is not turned into a crow. Instead, on the same night, Dilo is tricked into a trap and taken far away from Lighthouse Bay. When Debra eventually discovers what has happened to her beloved dolphin she and her twin brother Robin will stop at nothing to set him free.


Dilo in Lighthouse Bay

Paperback - Price £7.50 + p&p

The dolphin and the twins are back in another gripping adventure by best selling author Horace Dobbs. Fact and fiction come together in the story's exciting climax when a sculpture 'Spirit of Dilo' is erected in Lighthouse Bay.




Dilo and the Isle of the Gods Dilo and the Isle of the Gods 200
Star Books

Paperback - Price £7.50 + p&p

This latest book is another epic adventure story in which Dilo shares his daring escapades with a passenger - a sucker fish, Rema, who has stuck herself to the dolphin for a free ride. The companions set out to rendevous with a turtle on a beautiful but dangerous island where powerful gods live causing volcanoes to erupt.



All Dilo books can be borrowed from public libraries.
Quote ISBN numbers when asking for them.


All Dilo books are available directly from International Dolphin Watch and can be ordered by Email: , by telephone 01482 634599, by fax: 01482 634914, or online at the Dolphin Shop

Most of the original hand drawn illustrations by Rico were sold at £50 each to raise funds to help protect dolphins. There are a few left. To find out which are still available please contact Joan Walker
Tel: 01482 634599 or
Email: or Fax: 01482 634914.

Please note: Only those from Dilo and the Call of the Deep are for sale.




All material is the copyright of Horace Dobbs and may not be reproduced without permission except for educational and personal use.

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