Operation Sunflower
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A long-term International Dolphin Watch research project to investigate the healing power of dolphins.

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The story of how ‘Operation Sunflower’ was launched is told in Dance to a Dolphin’s Song by Horace Dobbs (publ. Jonathan Cape). It started in 1986 when Dr Dobbs observed that swimming with dolphins could have a beneficial effect on those suffering from clinical depression. Because of the impossibility of taking large numbers of people to swim with wild dolphins, Horace set about ways of capturing their healing essence. He put forward the idea of a dolphin audio pill which would recreate the elements of dolphin encounters that raise the spirits of those feeling down in the dumps. When he heard Dolphin Dreamtime on tape at the first Whale and Dolphin Conference in Australia in 1987, he realised it would provide an admirable starting point for his investigations. Arrangements were made to make Dolphin Dreamtime available via International Dolphin Watch. Each recipient was invited to give brief details of their medical history and their personal response to the tape in complete confidence on an assessment form enclosed with each tape.

Evaluation of the first responses by the Applied Psychology Unit of the Medical Research Council was encouraging. A comprehensive analysis at Swansea University of the responses returned from 1987 - 1993 revealed that over 75% of those suffering from mental stress benefited from listening to Dolphin Dreamtime. Many people outside the field of clinical depression also reported positive responses.

Dolphin Dreamtime is now being used in hospitals, prisons, by stress management consultants, students taking exams, women in labour, hyperactive children, autistic and cerebral palsy victims as well as those just wishing to relax after a busy day. An account of how a mother of two used Dolphin Dreamtime to have pain free births is reported in DOLPHIN. Dec 2002, page 9.      


Dolphin Dreamtime CD.jpgAn imaginary, magical journey into the dolphin’s world via music and whale sounds. Dolphin Dreamtime was created by Australian relaxation consultant Taranath Andre after hearing people share the benefits received from encounters with wild and friendly dolphins.
Music by Glenda Lum.




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